No, David!

My boy Miles is amazing.  I’ve been telling him this since he was a baby.  What I always wanted to say was “You’re crazy!” but I thought “You’re amazing!” sounded more positive. Miles is always on the lookout for something exciting to do or yummy to eat.  He can get the things he wants even when they’re on top… Continue reading No, David!


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N is for Ninjas, Nunchucks & Nice Neighbors

I was drawing a blank on an activity for the letter N last week, so I quickly looked it up on No Time For Flashcards & found this super-easy nunchucks craft.  Basically you tie two empty toilet paper rolls together.  Miles & Eliza didn’t even want to decorate them. In keeping with the ninja/nunchuck theme, we… Continue reading N is for Ninjas, Nunchucks & Nice Neighbors