Another Low-Carb Meal Plan

I’m recycling a few recipes that I didn’t end up using last week, and I’m trying to mostly use what’s already in my fridge.  Thanksgiving is coming, and two of my kids’ birthdays after that, so whatever I can not spend now will help in a couple weeks. Friday – pizza on fake bread; maybe… Continue reading Another Low-Carb Meal Plan


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Lofty Meal Plans Part 2 – Breakfast and Lunch

This is me trying to improve upon last school year.  We did ok toward the beginning of the year, but soon settled in to many months of rushed mornings and the same PBJB* day after day after day.  Eventually we finished out the year with buying school lunch every day.  And there’s nothing wrong with that,… Continue reading Lofty Meal Plans Part 2 – Breakfast and Lunch