Another Low-Carb Meal Plan

I’m recycling a few recipes that I didn’t end up using last week, and I’m trying to mostly use what’s already in my fridge.  Thanksgiving is coming, and two of my kids’ birthdays after that, so whatever I can not spend now will help in a couple weeks. Friday – pizza on fake bread; maybe… Continue reading Another Low-Carb Meal Plan


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T is for Trains and Trees

We made the letter T out of toilet paper rolls (or tubes).  Real creative, I know.  We’re also getting ready for a big Trip around here, so my activities aren’t all going to be spectacular for a while. We did go with cousins to the train museum though.  Bam! The kids were completely unimpressed with the Golden… Continue reading T is for Trains and Trees

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The Letter S – Snakes, Squirrels and Seasons

S is for snakes!  We just made S-shaped paper snakes, and then played the game Hiss!  It’s a cute, simple game, but until the kids are old enough to accept defeat, you’d better alter the rules and make it cooperative. Please notice the mess in the background of these pictures.  This is real life, people! Since… Continue reading The Letter S – Snakes, Squirrels and Seasons