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Quick Shamrock Craft

Here’s a super easy St. Patrick’s Day craft I did with Miles.  I found it here.

No joke, all you need is an empty toilet paper roll, tape, and green paint.  And paper, I suppose, if you want to get technical.


Just dent the TP roll in so it’s kinda heart-shaped and tape it that way, and you have a stamp!  Dip it in green paint and make shamrocks to your heart’s content.  We added stems with a paintbrush.


Check out the focus on that little face!  Oh, and yes, there is a permanent game of tic-tac-toe etched into our table.  I think X won.

We put our shamrocks on display next to a pot of gold-wrapped candy and called the house festive.  Unfortunately, I had to confiscate the candy about 20 minutes after the kids got home from school, since they were fighting over who ate more gold than whom.



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