A Plethora of St. Patrick’s Day Books

If you live in Weber County, Utah and you are ever frustrated at the lack of availability of holiday/seasonally-appropriate books at the library, I apologize.  It’s my fault.  Hopefully you can content yourself with contrived little “‘Twas the Night Before _____” picture books with no plot, because the good books are all at my house.  If you really want to read them, just come on over!

Besides, having a ton of green books makes decorating really easy.

Sometimes I worry that the library employees hate me because of the sheer volume of books I request.  I picture them rolling their eyes when they see a list of 20 books of the same subject to be pulled.  They don’t even have to look at the name anymore.  They know who I am.

But then I think of all the late fees and I tell myself that those employees actually pull my books from the shelf with grateful tears welling up in their eyes, knowing that I pay their salaries.  Where would they be without overenthusiastic yet slightly irresponsible readers like me?  And of course they get excited when they put my name on a brand new book – the ones they’re particular about and that cost a lot to replace.  ‘Surely one of her little brats will bend a page here or there.  We’ll get 23 bucks out of her this time!  Bwa ha ha!’  Main library patrons, you know what I’m talking about!

But I digress.  My purpose here is to tell you about the many St. Patrick’s Day books we’ve read and which ones are worth your time and not.




There you have it.  I was going to write a blurb about each one, but um, that would take forever and be a really long post, so I just linked to Goodreads instead.  So click through, or just trust me and check them out at the library – but you’ll have to beat me to it!


*This one is actually a good book IF you’re wanting to read about finding a mummy in a garden.  It definitely has some nice Irish flavor, but it’s not really on the same plane as all the other mischievous leprechaun stories and funny, cautionary tales of greed and laziness.



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