My (Super-Low-Carb) Meal Plan for The Next Week

I’ve been on a slightly more extreme version of the Atkins diet for the last two weeks.  I’ve had really good results and I want to keep going, but I can’t just keep throwing mac & cheese and can-of-something dinners at my kids every night while I munch on string cheese and pepperoni in the kitchen.  So it’s time to buckle down and plan some meals that we can all eat.  After lots of Pinterest-ing and carb-checking on my Lose It! app, here’s what I have for the next week.  So far it’s only dinners, but that’s WAY better than nothing, right?


Friday – Pizza on a cauliflower crust – I hope it’s not disgusting.

Saturday – Pulled pork sandwiches on fake bread

Sunday – Chef salad, with hard-boiled eggs, bacon, avocado, and maybe some tomatoes if I don’t eat many other carbs that day

Monday – CREAMY LEMON CHICKEN!!!!!  I just realized this recipe totally works for my diet, and it is already my entire family’s favorite thing to eat.  It is SO GOOD!  I’ll just have to skip the rice/pasta, which is what I always want to do anyway.  I only have a hard copy of this recipe, but I’ll try to post it soon.

UPDATE: We ate this over cauliflower “rice” and it was really good!  I had my doubts, but I’m happy to have a new way to get something healthy into my body.

Tuesday – Cucumber Greek salad, based on this recipe, but I’ll add pepperoni and probably hold the red onions

Wednesday – Pulled pork lettuce wraps – this recipe says it’s Whole30 approved, which doesn’t necessarily mean super-low-carb, so I’ll have to look into it more and maybe change some things.  For one thing, I won’t be cooking the pork with whatever sauce it says, I’ll just use the pre-cooked pulled pork that I already bought at Costco.  It’s really good, by the way.  Also the avocado aioli sounds awesome but I’m not sure if I can have it right now.  But I’m sure I can mix up avocado something that will taste great.

Thursday – Broccoli cheese soup – I’m not sure which recipe to follow, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be ill-received in my house and possibly nasty.  Any suggestions?  Here’s one I’m considering, and another.


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