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T is for Trains and Trees

We made the letter T out of toilet paper rolls (or tubes).  Real creative, I know.  We’re also getting ready for a big Trip around here, so my activities aren’t all going to be spectacular for a while.

We did go with cousins to the train museum though.  Bam!

The kids were completely unimpressed with the Golden Spike:


and I could only get one of my children to pose in front of this awesome Ogden sign.  Sort-of.


Another fun T-themed thing that happened this week was a wind storm that knocked over my friend’s huge tree, which fell onto our backyard neighbor’s tree, which broke in half and fell on the power lines and into our yard.  So… we have some Tree branches all over the place!


It’s strange – these wind storms are becoming a fact of life around here.  When the first one happened about five years ago, it was such a freakish thing and nobody had ever seen anything like it.  Now it seems like we have a couple every year and everyone you know has lost a tree or a fence or a roof/car/whatever to the wind.  Global climate change, I guess.  I’m just grateful that this time we were only out of power for about 12 hours.  The first time it was six days!


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