Another Low-Carb Meal Plan

I’m recycling a few recipes that I didn’t end up using last week, and I’m trying to mostly use what’s already in my fridge.  Thanksgiving is coming, and two of my kids’ birthdays after that, so whatever I can not spend now will help in a couple weeks.

Friday – pizza on fake bread; maybe some zucchini fries if I’m feeing ambitious and somehow have the time

Saturday – beef stroganoff with mushrooms – loosely based on this recipe and using leftover brisket that Devin smoked last week; salad

Sunday – shredded pork (pre-cooked from Costco) over olive-oil-garlic-romano-mashed cauliflower (sounds amazing, right?); green beans

Monday – shredded chicken chili with fake bread (& French bread for the kids)

Tuesday – zucchini noodles with avocado pesto – I bought this spiralizer on Amazon and I’m excited to try it out

Wednesday – carrot soup (it has more carbs so we’ll see how that goes); salad or bread or grilled chicken tenders if we need something more substantial

Thursday – cucumber Greek salad (that I never made last week) with pepperoni added


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